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Greece is a particularly famous destination for all kinds of reasons, its enviable sun-kissed beaches, intriguing myths, ancient archeological sites, numerous islands and endless options for any kind of holiday. With so many idyllic islands, it gets even confusing especially for luxury travelers; here are some of the best places to go on holiday in Greece.


Crete is one of Greeks most fascinating island, it is huge, and in fact, it is the largest of all Greek islands and operates as a tiny kingdom. It is an all-year-round destination as it enjoys the longest summers in the Mediterranean; they say it is where the sun hides when it has disappeared from the rest of Greece. Its huge size is also a bonus as it has over 650 miles of coastline around it. This means beach fun is endless.

With over 4000 years of existence, Crete sure has a lot of history, when tired of lazing along the beach you can explore historical sites such as the Palace of Knossos, visit the Aghios Nikolaos Market and let your adrenaline rush in the Aqua Pack.

Crete is very developed in terms of luxurious resorts and accommodation, from luxurious villas with infinity pools to family friend hotels in prime locations, it is ideal for every kind of holiday.

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If you have hard enough of the largest island in Greece, why not visit the tiniest permanently inhabited island? Kastelorizo offers a more serene environment with its laid-back lifestyle and picturesque Anatolian style houses, deep blue seas and amazing landscape crowned with ancient hill top castles. Here you can explore the Blue Grotto sea cave, sunbathe in complete privacy, hike up to the castle and monastery above the harbor and enjoy spectacular views from the top. Kastelorizo is ideal for families with very young children, couples on romantic holidays or luxury travelers who want a slower pace of life.


There is something about Mykonos, which appeals to luxury travelers; it is sophisticated in every sense. From its boutique hotels, designer clothes stores, luxurious villas and high-end restaurant; in fact, it is the fashionista of the Greek Islands and competes highly with St Tropez in France. It has a full range of beaches that cater for all kinds of travelers; water sport and cocktail lovers find Paradise and Super Paradise more appealing, Plati Yialos attracts families while those after a quieter holiday reach out to Elia and Ornos.

Mykonos is also famous for its pulsating nightlife, after dark, it is when the island comes alive with lively beach parties and wild crowds. The bars and restaurants also receive their fair share of hungry and thirsty clientele; however, if you are for a quieter evening, Mykonos town is the place to go. The restaurants are quieter and offer great Greek cuisines.

Mykonos offers a wide range of stylish accommodations, from tiny boutique hotels, to luxurious villas and seafront apartments. It is hard to resist its fashionable charms.


English is a widely spoken language; over a billion people in every continent of the world use English either as native or non-native speakers. It I used different fields of professionalism such as science, IT, business, entertainment, arts and the internet. However, learning English is as difficult as learning any other language and may take time to perfect it, but there are ways to quicken this exciting new journey.


Imagine how young children learn a language, they learn through repetition, singing, pictures and listening. As an adult, do not try to complicate things for yourself especially if you want to learn English and be able to express yourself. Get into the habit of listening, repeating exactly what you have heard and associating pictures with words you have learnt so far. For example if you learnt new words related to the kitchen, you can write names of the equipments on stickers and stick them with the appropriate names, such as sink, cooker, fridge and so forth.


While many people will tell you to watch English movies or programs, it would be quite difficult especially if you are just starting. You can start by learning common words and then using them to make simple sentences. For example, with the words that you have learnt by sticking stickers in the kitchen, you can create sentences such as ‘I want a drink from the fridge’ or ‘Plates are in the sink’. If you can construct your own sentences, you will be able to make sense of those that you will hear in the movies and television programs.


A course is a great way to get you started on the right track if you want to learn English so you don’t pick up any bad habits and have a good foundation to work from. Taking an English course in London is a great way to get things moving when you can learn the basics in class and then go out and practice in the real world.


Once you start forming sentences, activate your mind to think in English. This will help you to get around daily situations and when you are trying to put a certain word in a sentence you are trying to create, the when you finally get it; it sticks in your memory. Think about a situation where you are meeting a stranger and want to introduce yourself and probably ask for directions. This helps your brain to assimilate the new language and allows you to think clearly.

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Learning English is a journey that at times leaves you feeling like you would want to quit. You need other people around you who are also in the same situation so that you can encourage and help one another. Enroll in an English school where you can perfect your skills and interact with fellow learners. An English short course focuses on every part of the language such as writing, listening, pronunciation vocabulary and grammar.


The final and most important step is keep speaking, do not be afraid of mistakes as they will be many but the good thing is, you will definitely learn from them. Go to restaurants and order meals in English, go to the market and try to negotiate a price in English and meet your English class members and try to discuss your everyday challenges in English, with time you will be watching those English movies without falling asleep because you will understand what the movie is all about.


India is fascinating and overwhelming with its immense size, chaotic cities, numerous ancient attractions, mixed religions, cultures and spicy cuisine. Once a backpacker’s paradise, India is now slowly turning into a luxury destination with a lot to offer such kind of travelers. From its luxury trains fit for Maharajas to the jungle book houseboats in Kerala and magnificent palace hotels, the options are incredibly numerous and compelling. Even as you enjoy fantastic stays in India, there are sights you must never miss:


This is one monument that kept people talking in past centuries and still makes more jaws drop even after the passage of time. It is one of the most famous historical monuments not only in India but also in the whole world.

The Taj Mahal is located in Agra, it is a huge marble mausoleum built as a symbol of love by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan from 1632 to 1653 in memory of his favorite wife, who died during childbirth. It is one of the most architecturally beautiful and intact tombs in the world. It is a masterpiece of the Mughal dynasty named “a tear drop on the cheek of eternity”. It consists of the sparkling white domed mausoleum, ornamental gardens with beautiful flowers, trees, bushes, and sparkling pools.

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The Kerala backwaters may not share the same glory as the Taj Mahal but offer a serene getaway from the cities in a tranquil atmosphere. The Kerala backwaters consists of a network of water channels, lagoons and islands lying parallel to the Arabian Sea in Kerala state of India. The water channels encourage the growth of lush green vegetation including the swaying palm trees along the waterways. It is home to local communities as well as unique marine life creatures such as frogs, crabs, water birds and turtles.

The best way to explore the waterways is through staying in a houseboat known as Kettuvallam.The boats come in different shapes and sizes, and have been converted from traditional rice boats into floating hotels. You can stay in a lavish boathouse hotel, cruise, and enjoy one of the most memorable travel experiences in India in one of the most tranquil places in India.


One of the ways in which India has invested in luxury travel is through renovation of ancient palaces into magnificent hotels. The Lake Palace that graces the Lake Pichola is one of the many examples of this ongoing process. You end up not only visiting an attraction but also staying in one, it is only in India where you can bake your cake and eat it!

The Lake Palace is located in Udaipur and once served as a royal summer palace in the 18th century, but now it is a glamorous five-star hotel in its own right. It is accessible via a boat that is provided by the hotel from the east bank of the Lake. Visitors can enjoy staying like royalty and still be a part of history.

The Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is simply unforgettable and should be recommended not just to Formula One fans but to all types of people who enjoy the buzz of a large scale event and witnessing the glamour of the French Riviera.

It is well worth arriving before the race weekend to witness how the city comes more and more alive as the week goes on. Throughout the whole build up week before the Grand Prix, luxurious super yachts line the marina, and you can hear the noise of the mechanics working away on the cars in the pit lane.  Unlike other grand prix’ the pit lane in Monaco is open for most of the week enabling visitors to get close to the garages for a slice of the action. If you are lucky you may even see some of the drivers checking out their cars before the race weekend!

For the race weekend itself there are various ways of seeing the action and however you decide to do it the atmosphere is nothing short of magical. Those on a budget will want to get either one of the cheaper grandstand tickets or get the general admission ticket for the Rocher section where you can still view the race and soak up the unforgettable noise of the formula one cars as they navigate their way around this challenging street circuit.

If you have some more money to splurge then booking a hospitality package like the one offered by Ultimate Monaco Grand Prix is worth every penny. Hospitality packages serve food and drinks all day and have some of the best views of the track.

After the racing action is over the festivities don’t stop and music goes on through the evening as people party the night away. If your not invited on to a VIP yacht party then head down to the Rascasse bend where the bars are blaring out their music and the fans spill out on to the track drinking and dancing in to the evening.

Luxury Monaco Grand Prix

4 Languages You Need to Learn to Speak in 2014


Each year millions of travelers make Thailand a destination of choice while others after visiting for a period of time decide to relocate or spend an extended amount of time. Whichever period of time you plan to stay in Thailand it will be beneficial to learn Thai well enough to converse in 2014.

Most people in Thailand will not be able to converse fluently in English, even though it is taught in school, due to lack of practice. You will therefore find it difficult to interact with locals as you engage in routine activities such as shopping or ordering a meal in a restaurant. If you stick to the touristy areas you may not experience any hitches but you will be missing out on authentic cultural experience.

Your ability to speak Thai will help you to interact freely with the friendly locals and improve the quality of your stay in Thailand significantly. You will be able to build friendships and relationships with the Thai people and become integrated smoothly into the local community. It also helps if you are trying to invest in Thailand as you will avoid chances of being scammed when purchasing property abroad.


Hindi is the official language spoken in the Republic of India and it is also widely spoken in South of Asia. It is an interesting language with a long literally tradition exposing you to a rich cultural heritage in form of modern prose and poetry.  In recent years it has become a dominant language of modern media, in cinema, and television content.  The grammar concepts in Hindu are also the same as in English making learning Hindi nice and easy!

The language Hindi and the country India are becoming more important in our contemporary world with more and more content in the web and the growing consumer market in the South Asia, making it beneficial to learn the language in 2014.


Turkish is a very influential language spoken in several regions in the world other than the nation of Turkey. One of the reasons that you should learn Turkish in 2014 is for the sheer numbers of people who speak it. It is used as a first language by over 75 million people. There are other communities in the Balkans and Caucasus that use this language to communicate, there are also Turkish immigrants in Western Europe also speak in Turkish. It is also estimated that about 15 million people speak Turkish as a second language.

The Republic of Turkey is also strategically place on the world map connecting it geographically and culturally to Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle East hence making it beneficial for anyone intending to do international business or politics of those regions. Consequently for students pursuing careers in business or government service, career opportunities will become available as the country gains momentum in the global market. Learning Turkish also forms a basis for which to learn other Turkic languages such as Tatar, Uzbek and Kyrgyz and you can learn Turkish online to open up this area of opportunity.


Russian is becoming ever important in the business world and their influence is being felt more and more. If you can speak the language then that will open up a world of opportunity for you. Learning Russian online is easy to do as there are lots of resources available online to use for free to spruce up your skills.

How to Enjoy Family Holidays in Malta

Malta is an amazing place for a family holiday. It is packed with beautiful beaches, clean seas for the kids to play in and lots of great days out if you want to be a bit more active and escape from the pool. Family holidays mean different things to different people, some people want to just relax by the pool, others want to to get out and show their kids the world. Malta is perfect for either of these options!

For those wanting a sunshine break, Malta is full of great resorts where you can sit by the pool and sip on a cocktail while the kids play and keep each other entertained or enjoy a kids club. For those wanting some more activity, you can explore the amazing historical cities like Valletta or Mdina, or head to Popeye village where the Popeye movie was filmed. And that’s just the start; take a coastline walk, cycle around or hit UNESCO heritage sites, Malta is packed with options!

Gozo: Enjoy Rural Life in a Dream Malta Villa

Gozo is the perfect place to escape from everyday travails and just relax. It is the second largest of Malta’s archipelago and a much more rural and rustic alternative to the main island.

If you’re looking to get away from it all, but also like some activity on your holidays then this is the perfect spot. You can rent Malta villas which will take your breath away and have a world of activities on your doorstep. From some of the best scuba diving in the world to country walks along the rugged coastline, there’s no shortage of things to keep you busy.

That said, if you’re just looking for some downtime and a bit of R&R then relaxing in a traditional Maltese villa of farmhouse isn’t exactly a bad way to do it! Spend the days lazing by the pool and the evenings cooking barbecues and drinking with friends and family.

Once you’ve explored the cities of Malta’s main island, Gozo is the perfect next step to see the quieter side of life.

Stop 1 on a Holiday in Malta – Valletta

In the true spirit of Run Free Zone, there’s no need to race around the island and try to experience everything in the space of a week.

We’ll be telling you right here what to do day by day, and if you don’t have enough time to do them this visit then you’ll have to come back!

Day one has to be wondering the beautiful streets of Valletta. The island’s capital is its heart and it is home to incredible seafronts, wonderful architecture and so many winding streets you’ll easily got lost for a day.

Spend the whole day exploring the city, stopping off for coffees in some of Malta’s best coffee shops. Then at the end of the day park yourself in one of Valletta’s fantastic seafront restaurants and enjoy the best fish supper you’ve ever tasted.

Valletta is the perfect start to a holiday in Malta. Next stop….Gozo

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